North Korea tested a nuclear device on 25 May 2009. The UK publicly condemned this nuclear test, as a clear breach of North Korea nuclear weapons replica, Getty ImagesUN Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1718, adopted after North Korea's first nuclear test in October 2006. The international community responded by unanimously passing UNSCR 1874 on 12 June 2009.

UNSCR 1874 is a strong response that builds on the measures in UNSCR 1718. The resolution is absolutely clear in condemning North Korea's nuclear test and demanding that it does not conduct any further nuclear tests or launches using ballistic missile technology. It shows the international community is united against North Korea's continued proliferation activities and attempts to disrupt regional security.

The Resolution clamps down on North Korea's proliferation activities and bans the export of all arms from North Korea, one of the means by which North Korea funds its nuclear and missile programmes. It places North Korea's trading activity under close scrutiny and an enhanced inspections regime will help to disrupt North Korea's attempts to contravene trade restrictions. 

The Resolution bans the provision of international finance to North Korea, except for humanitarian and development work, again cutting off a source of funding for its WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) programmes. It promotes the effective implementation of sanctions by introducing a monitoring mechanism. 

The UK wants to see the new measures implemented swiftly and we will be working closely with partners in the UN and EU to do so. We continue to urge North Korea to refrain from further provocative actions, and to re-engage in dialogue with the international community. Actions that breach UN Security Council Resolutions and North Korea's obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) undermine regional security and further isolate North Korea.

The North Korea country profile has more information about North Korea and its relationship with the UK. 

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