Afterthought on 17th MUN

A day passed after the close of the 17th MUN.
Lots of thought have been running through my mind. and still I having it.
Because of character the MUN has, It was competition. competition that compete against entire delegates of 1st committee.
Before I set my foot on the MUN, It was obvious that there may be severe competition not only in laying out thoughts in different language but being logical when displaying each nation's stance.
What I have in mind now that I am done going through 4 days of, lots of time it was fierce, diplomatic arena may be divided into several fronts.

First, Naturalize my english way more than I am now.
One of the biggest thing I suffered throughout the competition was that how naturalize my english was then.
Due to the not so many delegations attended either because 1st committee was english-only or heavy agenda that we have then which was Ways to strengthen the NPT Regime and address issues of Non-Compliance Issue, we happen to have a lot of time when deliver a speech. so It seemed to judge that deliver any kind of speech fluent in english was main point when evaluating. I myself thought I was somewhat confident in making a speech before audience, but turns out that mere introspect confidence was not enough to deliver a speech especially one that was fierce debate, high speed.

Second, this one is aimed at specifically on the character the MUN has perspective.
I prepared and studied a lot, in preparing this MUN. but one thing I missed looking back now is that when setting up the strategy, I misdirect the point I should have made a correction. During MUN, most of its time-like any other meeting, organizations- was time constraint. for those minutes that out 1st committee has, I should have delivered much more clarified stance the UK-the nation that I represented-stood.
How I thought it would unravel its fierce debate was criticize each delegate and refute. On the contrary, It turned out that each session has limited time for delivering speech, so each delegates were busy delivering what their stance on certain sub-agenda. It is pity that lots of effort going in vain.

Third, Realize importance of caucusing group.
Throughout the MUN, caucusing group takes significant proportion while challenging the MUN.
induce positive consensus from other countries is another factor that may decide who is winner.
In this regard, I totally failed. Like I said earlier,  I was more concerned on how I respond on attack guided directly to us rather than clarify the caucus stance. but this one has its own defect I dare say.
draw attention from other caucusing group is fairly superficial, technical, on some degree it is hypocritical.
you don't exactly assert your own idea, you just doing it because you want to outweigh the other caucusing group. that is to say, Drawing up other delegates as many as you can is rather because of competition focused intention to win, not for resolving the issues we have.

Fourth, Prepare working paper as specific as you can. this can lead you to drawing successful resolution.
Do not ignore the importance of working paper. During the MUN, I dare say the only thing make you feel confident is elaborated, specific, dry but has its point, long and long working paper.
this one relates to previous one in laying out the groundwork. When you have thoughts in mind how to construct working paper, please I beg you write it in a specific, point driven, cliche if you like, long, discribe the current situation, how this agenda constitutes threat to us, why something happended way. this is so important because not so many other delegates spending their time writing down specific working paper due to the fact that it is boring, tedious, time consuming job, lagging, lingering, sleepy task. those same principle goes to you too. but the whole purpose we are having this MUN is to draw conclusion in a form of so called 'Resolution'. More and more cliche and dry but has contents that has detail, describing the situation in a clarified way, then you would succeed in not only easy in drawing consensus from other delegates because the content is so long that they don't care go over what is in it, so they choose to agree instead. but also successfully navigate through the process. For me, I was able to write working paper in 2pages. I felt this was not perfect but was somewhat enough drawing other delegate's attention and accede.

I believe working paper accompanied by drawing accede from other delegates is groundwork thing. On the other hand, How much you can clarify your thoughts on certain topic and speak it outloud is most important factor.

Looking back from now, I have thoughts on so many deeds I could have done much better.
Well, past is past. I can do nothing about it. so I found one thing I can do from now on. That is english.
I can always write whatever I want down here. So I decided to write something in english whenever I have a chance.

Alrighty, Let's move on! 

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