i know what's radical but these are radical times. people don't have jobs.
they continue to lose their homes. congress wrote act so i did.

i imagine miss corn thinks your heart isn't in the right place.
but she feels a little.. well she likes the mercedes benz of hers.

this country has trade deficit of trillions. much of this because our
production has moved overseas. if we can keep it over here we can create
millions of new jobs. and just as importantly, over 60 billion dollars
and tax revenues. we could flip this economy like a flapjack(?)
all it would take is for people to buy a american made products made by
american companies. that's all it would take.

but isn't that little greedy or selfish? i mean this is kind of me first
policy here isn't it?

my god! we have to put us first. we can't be loaning and investing all
around the world while our own economy is going down the drain pipe.
that's like a dronwing man passing office a life jacket.
and if you wanna talk greed, its greed that put us in this hole.
corporations look into squeeze out every last penny of profit started
outsourcing to make their products cheaper.
do you have any idea how many jobs that is cost us? and when you talk
about cars, there's nearly 3 million american workers dependent on the
U.S. auto industry directly or indirectly.
now i don't care where you stand politically, if you are on the left,
you can mourn the lawsuit of union jobs, if you are on the right,
you can mourn the lawsuit and shareholder value. and met a client
of an industry that's been emblematic of american capitalism.
the fact is, the automobile industry is essential to america.
if i may quote an old slogan, they don't need a handout. they just need
a hand. and buy american ordinance is langford's way of lending them that 

(applaud following)

just to get a clear understanding of this policy, would you apply this
principle to say... no foreign films in your local movie houses?

look, my primary concern is manufacturing. its the lawsuit manufacturing
jobs that brought this country to its needs.

ok. what about an american company that does its manufacturing overseas.
would you have problem with that?

oh! you damn toodend(?) i would. i've got a pet-pee with companies that 
call themselves american. but outsource their jobs overseas.

like say.. apple. all those ipads, iphones made in china. no more iphones
in langford?

look, apple employs a lot of people here at home.

so does toyota they manufacture most of their cars at here. in fact,
they hire more people here than apple. here is good riddle.
a guy gets caught texting on his china made iphone while driving his 
american made camrey. what is he get ticketed for?

look, my policy isn't perfect.

no some might call it 'catastrophic'. suppose it caught on in every town
started banning foreign products. what if countries like japan and china
and germany figure well just stop importing our goods then? or worse,
stop investing in the united states? this country would flat line.
we are going to bankruptcy. you ever thought about that?

look, that fact that we become so dependent on foreign countries speaks
exactly to my point.

but we 'are' dependent. and what's more than the health of our economy
will very much turn on our ability to open up new markets abroad?
how do we convince the world to buy our products when we won't take 

you are very good lawyer miss corn. but it really comes down to this.
if i buy a ford, i get the car and america gets the money.
if i buy a mercedes, i get the car but germany gets the money.
its that simple.

no. mister mayor. it actually isn't that simple. trade can be very 
complex. what is fairly simple is this though, if foreign countries
adopt similar policies and outlaw american goods, we all go to
way of enron. but hey, at least enron was american. right?

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